Intentional Connection

Can we all pause for a moment and be intentional?

This is something I struggle with. I am, in ways, intentional with others by checking in on occasion, but not too often am I intentional with getting together, sitting down, talking and listening with someone. This is where I lack. But this is where community grows.

We are human. Connection with others is an innate desire.
We are women. Connection with others is a strong desire.
We are believers. Connection with others is a necessity.

So how come this is a struggle?

First off, I think it has to do with us. What have we experienced in our lives that has caused us to shut down to connection? Who has hurt us in ways that seem almost irreversible that we don’t believe we can trust another person again? What happened when we did choose to be open and vulnerable that has built thick and tall walls around our heart?

I know the pain of that. I know that is the biggest reason why I struggle with intentionality in depth. I have been deeply hurt and by people I should have been able to trust. I have tried to open myself up again and it backfired on me.

Second, it has to do with our surroundings. Have you surrounded yourself with like-minded believers whose hearts are focused on the LORD or have you surrounded yourself with people that make you feel shallowly comfortable but there’s no solid relationship, which makes you feel ‘safe’ because you know they won’t try to get deep? Or have you become more of a recluse, keeping everyone at an arm’s length away and conversations at a kiddy pool level?

So here’s what we need to do.

Discover where you fall. Is it you? Is it your surroundings? Is it both?
Then, seek the LORD. Spend time in prayer and find what His Word says about your circumstances. He doesn’t want us to be alone; He didn’t create us that way.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

God desires for us to be in deep connection with others and with Him. He knows that the deeper connection you have, the less you feel alone and the more you are willing to share your heart with others.

Take the time to reach out to someone and take the risk of letting them in. I know it can be wicked difficult and you really have to swallow your fear. The reality is, yes, there will be some backfires, but there will also be some that move forward. You will find that they may struggle with the same things you do, have experienced similar trials, and be a kindred soul.

To be truly intentional with someone is when you begin to experience a meaningful beauty that is what we call community.

You do have to be cautious about who you let in. So be in prayer over who the LORD would like for you to be connected with. Ask Him to reveal those people, to draw them into your life. He will do it. He will not leave you alone. And if at the moment you feel like you are, remember that you always have God by your side. Are you being intentional with Him? Are you in His Word, in conversation with Him by prayer?

Community is both earthly and spiritual. Both are crucial. If you neglect one, you are still missing a large piece.

Be intentional, my friends, with one another, and with your Creator. He desires for you to know and trust Him. He desires to see His bride, the body of Christ, to be connected and do His good work together.



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