To Grow We Must First Break

We’ve turned into people afraid of brokenness. Afraid of admitting we are broken. We see broken as empty, worthless, and unsalvageable. But there are two types of broken: the broken that is innate due to sin and the broken that allows us to grow.

“Seeds are plunged into darkness before they grow.”

Think about it, seeds are usually pretty tiny. Some seem quite insignificant due to their size. But once they are buried, they break. They are watered and receive sunlight, and with a little patience, they then can burst forth in bloom.

We will go through tough times. We will feel buried under pain and sorrow, confusion and the unknown. We will break. We won’t be able to hold it all in anymore, and that’s okay. If we stay diligent with feeding ourselves with the Word of God and spending time with His Son, then we will burst forth as well. We will become more than we ever thought we could. But unlike flowers and trees, whose seed breaks once to reach their potential, we likely will have to break many times.

“Wounds are what break open the soul to plant the seeds of a deeper growth.” Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

It’s never easy to break. It hurts. But it is necessary in the growth process. Because we are stubborn and hard-headed humans who sometimes have to learn the hard way, we will experience this form of breaking many times. It’s all in our willingness to listen and heed the voice of God who calls us to come forth, broken and all. There’s a quote that says something along the lines of “God loves us as we are but loves us too much to let us stay that way.” He knows that breaking allows us to become more. He wants us to become more. Given the fact that He knows all, God has already seen what your potential is and it must be something incredible if He calls us to trust Him.

He knows how great you can become, if only you are willing to break.

It’s our very brokenness that God chooses to use. By breaking, we can grow. We can learn. We become stronger. By breaking, we see our desperate need for the only One who can make us complete because He is perfect and whole. By breaking, others can see God at work in our hearts and lives; that our weakness is made perfect by a holy Savior.  By breaking, we are shedding our human nature that is selfish and prideful, and growing to become more like our God, who is selfless and humble. By breaking, we can expand and move forward in ways we couldn’t before.

“Standing there in the woods where acorns have broken into oaks, where seeds have broken into wheat, your scorched soul can feel it: you were made to grow into something more, but that only happens if you will be brave enough to break.” Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way
Brokenness is a beautiful thing, in spite of the pain it produces, because it brings us to our knees in front of He who can make us complete. It brings us to a place to grow greater than we could when we were confined. Does it make us feel vulnerable and exposed? Absolutely. Yet, we have been created for bigger and grander things. To get there, we must first break and most likely, break again. But it’s okay, because through the whole process is our holy God ready to give us what we need to grow and help us become who He created us to be.


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