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Daughter of Delight

From the beginning of March 2017  to the end of May 2017 I was selected as a term writer for the online community Daughter of Delight.

Your Waking Up Is A Blessing
“He believes in you because He knows what you were created to be capable of.”

Are We Displaying Godly Community?
“The Christian community, the bride of Christ, is to be an example to the rest of the world.”

Continue In Your Hope
“He is sovereign and He doesn’t break His promises. ”

Be Here In This Moment
“We can’t skip ahead so as hard as it is, make the most of this time.”

Are You Living Lukewarm?
“To be a Christian is not a trend. God is not a fad.”

The Past Has No Hold On You
You’ve been forgiven. Your past forgotten.”

Celebrating Death
“He gives hope and joy to the hurting, life to the dead in spirit. Christ made life possible through death.”

Significant Tears
“He cares about our pains, the things that cause our hearts to break, our souls to collapse in agony.”

Rest Is Necessary
“Rest isn’t quitting; it’s pausing. It’s a necessary pause.”

The Gardens Of Our Hearts
“The gardens of our hearts should be beautiful and sacred, reflecting the character of the God we claim to follow.”

Live In Holy Freedom
“Living in freedom means we can live rejoicing that we are free from sin, not that we are free to sin without consequence.”

God Is All I Need
“In Christ, we have no wants.”

Stand Strong In Your Fight
“Satan doesn’t fight like a wimp. So then, neither should we.”


Lane of Roses

Beginning in May 2018 I became a writing ambassador for Lane of Roses.

5 Tips For Living Free
“As Christians, freedom isn’t just some notion we can only dream about; it’s a reality we have available for us to live out.”

Story: Casey
“Perhaps God had led me into this spiritual season for a purpose; to prepare me for what would come next.”


Sweetness With Christ blog

Grief During Christmas
“God understands our pain. He knows loss. But He gave His Son as a way to redeem and heal.”


Synced Culture

“I am cherished not because some person says so, but because God, the Creator of the world, has deemed me worthy of His love, and says I am His.”

“There will be storms and there will be fires, but we should not fear them. Rather, we should be grateful and embrace them.”


We Are Beautiful

Beginning in July 2018 I will be a contributing writer for WAB.