Delight Devos

From the beginning of March to the end of May 2017 I was selected as a term writer for the online community Daughter of Delight. Weekly I wrote one piece to be published on both their website and Instagram account. Here are the links to the devotions.

“Your Waking Up Is A Blessing”

“Are We Displaying Godly Community?”

“Continue In Your Hope”

“Be Here In This Moment”

“Are You Living Lukewarm?”

“The Past Has No Hold On You”

“Celebrating Death”

“Significant Tears”

“Rest Is Necessary”
**link coming soon**

“The Gardens Of Our Hearts”
**link coming soon**

“Live In Holy Freedom”
**link coming soon**

“God Is All I Need”
**link coming soon**

“Stand Strong In Your Fight”
**link coming soon**