Who We Are

Abide Collective began around mid-2015 out of my personal walk with the Lord, in writing to proclaim truth to myself that I wanted to share with others. After a few name changes I permanently found one that matched the focus that was in mind when I started it. The mission is to encourage believers to be intentionally in God’s Word and spend time with Him through prayer, as well as to grow together as a community by sharing His Word, encouragement, and testimonies. Often times the devotions and blogs that have been written, both on this site and others, have been the truth that I myself have needed to believe in and cling to. I don’t write as an expert or as someone who has experienced it all, but rather as an imperfect, Christ follower who preaches truth to herself and shares what I have been learning or fighting to hope in so that others may feel that they are not alone, be lifted up, and spiritually encouraged.

~ Casey



We are currently an affiliate with The Daily Grace Co. In the past we have partnered with Grit & Virtue as a GVAdvocate, with People Hope Tribe as a part of their prayer and connection teams, a term writer for Daughter of Delight, a writing ambassador for Lane of Roses, and a contributing writer to We Are Beautiful. For access to the devotions written for these ministries, check out the devotion tab at the top of the site!

“Abide in Me, and I in you. …” John 15:4